Are you looking for an IT and Software Solutions partner who can…


  • Help you get your products to market faster?
  • Enhance and maintain your enterprise applications?
  • Step in at any stage of the development lifecycle?
  • Augment your staff with hard-to-find IT talent?
  • Understand your industry and local market?

If so, you want Syy Staffing!


Meet your IT staffing challenges head-on by leveraging the collective experience and expertise of Syy Staffing’s recruitment team and consultant base.

We serve leading companies in many fields and industries. At the top of the list are firms specializing in system integration, software development, logistics, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, and insurance. 

Our comprehensive consultant retention program helps maintain a high level of industry skills and enterprise experience within our talent pool.

In short, Syy Staffing’s enterprise talent acquisition practice augments your HR team with tested professionals who have a firm grasp of your needs and can speak your language. In turn, you can respond to opportunities and threats more quickly, save time and money, and eliminate staffing-related headaches.


We hold ourselves to an incredibly high internal standard of continuous measurement and evaluation.

Syy Staffing’s values infuse energy into the company’s proven process and high standards of execution. Adopted at the company’s infancy, these values are an important part of our company’s culture.

  • Have our clients and candidates “Rave” about our company
  • Always act in the most ethical manner
  • Respect for everyone we meet
  • Have passion, excitement and fulfillment in our work
  • Provide an environment where people are given the opportunity and are encouraged to grow and succeed
  • Achieve trust


Creativity and innovation rely on exposure to new ideas, dissimilar ways of thinking, and different approaches to problem solving. That’s one reason Syy Staffing values employee diversity as a key strategy for delivering the best-possible solutions and services to the marketplace. Each of our employees comes to us with unique skills and perspectives, formed in no small part by their social, cultural, and professional background. By actively diversifying the mix of talents and viewpoints on our team, and by encouraging each employee’s continued professional development, we can make a more effective contribution to our clients, community and people.



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Syy Staffing Is a Texas-Based employment services company that enables its clients to concentrate on their core business while we look after their employment needs.


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