With over 10 years of experience in IT recruitment services based in Texas, Syy Staffing is your trusted source for recruiting and staffing services.

As a valued extension of your team, we incorporate advanced sourcing techniques using multiple platforms to get even elusive talents to your company. We stay one step ahead in pursuing new channels to drive fresh messaging, testing and negotiating on your behalf.

Resource Request

Our process ensures that we deliver candidates able to make an immediate, positive impact on your business. It begins with a thorough Resource Request.


  • Account Manager and client develop a Resource Request
  • Account Manager briefs entire team on Resource Request
  • Resource Request, outlines position details, location requests, skill set, technical requirements and team environment
  • Recruiters begin candidate identification
Candidate Screening

Our entire team of recruiters is deployed for each Resource Request, maximizing your results every time. Careful screening by recruiters and account managers ensures candidate fit.

  • Candidates screened and selected by recruiters
  • Account manager performs second screening of selected candidates
Client Review And Approval

Time is critical throughout the process. Syy Staffing’s goal is 48 hours for resume delivery. Same-day client feedback is recommended. Once feedback is provided, the offer is extended immediately.

  • Qualified candidates presented to client to interview
  • Client provides feedback to account manager
  • Account manager extends offer to candidate
  • Consultant/Full-time employee starts
  • Account manager maintains ongoing contact

Extensive experience in providing comprehensive sourcing for the IT industry.

We support a whole spectrum of industries:Oil & Gas, Finance & Banking, Manufacturing, Public Utilities, Retail, Pharma, Government and Tech.

We offer a variety of IT recruiting and staffing solutions tailor-fit to clients’ needs.

We offer discounts to clients who exclusively use
Syy Staffing!


As with every business decision, hiring decisions entail a degree of risk: What is the risk you incur by hiring on either a permanent or contract basis? Syy Staffing’s IT staff augmentation services are designed to help you understand and mitigate your risks, while maximizing your return on investment in human resources. Hiring presents challenges because staffing needs change with circumstances: the skill sets you need, the urgency with which you need to hire, the position’s location, and the position’s level of responsibility. Syy Staffing recruiters apply both industry-specific understanding and hiring practice expertise to help you decide which of three methods will best serve you:


By tapping into our extensive base of contract employees, we can help you respond efficiently to rapidly changing market conditions.




Bringing someone into a permanent position requires a commitment. Examples are positions with managerial or security responsibilities or access to critical information systems.



Reduce hiring risk by enabling you to test the candidate’s skills, compatibility, and work ethic before making a long-term hiring decision.





RISKS: We help to mitigate your risks with our augmentation services to help you decide between hiring either on a permanent or contract basis. We maximize your return on investment in human resources.

Syy Staffing has a resource pool of highly-skilled
industry-savvy professionals with extensive



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